Ministry of wrinkle treatment products ECOLLAGEN

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Tham gia: 22/11/2010
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Địa chỉ: 37 Complexo Da Samba Luanda Angola
Khu vực: Thái Nguyên
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  • Ministry of wrinkle treatment products ECOLLAGEN

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Ministry of wrinkle treatment products ECOLLAGEN

Set of product-depth treatment of wrinkles and uneven skin color, stretch wrinkles from the inside: ECOLLAGEN. For ages 35 +

Wash-solution with breakthrough formulas to transform from a gel in the process of cleansing milk to clean the skin effectively perfect. 150ml

Solution-ready skin with improved formula combines skin lightening compounds and amino acid sequence 3 help brighten, skin hunters. 200mo

Cream of day-care excellence, which stretches from the inside creases with rich complex formula 100% natural instant help promote the natural production of skin collagen. SPF 15. 50ml

Wrinkle Cream at night enhances cellular energy in the night-luclan skin easily absorb the most powerful source of nutrients, while ensuring enhanced efficiency by supporting anti-wrinkle effects of body lotion days. 50ml

Anti-Wrinkle Cream wrinkle eye strain from deep inside the pants to reduce blurring around the eyes and dark skin, dark eyesreturn the youthful and radiant, filled with vitality . 15ml

Collagen-rich milk to help improve a markedly wrinkled. Direct impact, increase efficiency, the wrinkles appear more opaque, smooth skin more youthful. Complex formula containing 3-amino acid sequence completely natural. 30ml

Cream-filled environment helps wrinkles from within the environment with complex three peptides from 100% natural. Apply a layer alone or under lipstick. 4ml

Deep-impact solutions in four weeks of work rich in natural stimulant helps to reduce wrinkles. Use the cream before using day / night. Each tuyt a week. 4 * 10ml

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